Saab 900 II in the 1994 crash test

Is he safe? The Saab 900 II in the historical crash test

The heyday of crash tests began 30 years ago. At the same time probably the best time for car magazines. In the pre-Internet age, the current issue was regularly bought at the kiosk. Mostly it was the auto-motor-sport, which was then considered to be the leader. Early

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As a Saab driver copywriter at Volvo

Volvo, Saab or Volvo - copywriters at Volvo

So, as a convinced Saab driver, I was suddenly an advertising copywriter for Volvo and tried in the most creative advertising agency in Switzerland to bring the local sales figures from less than 5000 units per year to the targeted 7500. But how do you do it? In Sweden

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Big garden - lots of Saab - ideal!

Has Corona changed the Saab community?

Actually, a question that can be answered very clearly. I would like to anticipate the answer and answer from my point of view with a decided yes and no! But no fear! I do not want to hold a scientific treatise here on the (probable) bad word of 2020.

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Volvo or Saab, or Alfa Romeo?

In the past, yes, the world was still in order. It was usually only a matter of deciding between two options. When skiing between Alpine or Nordic, on vacation between the sea or the Alps, when shopping between Coop or Migros. Of the

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The dream cars of the Swedes. Who is at the forefront.

Once a year, YouGov, on behalf of the Blocket platform, polls Swedish consumers about their dream cars. The result is of interest. Especially if you understand the development of individual car brands over the past few years. Who did everything right, who

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Hällered Proving Ground. Here Volvo tests.

A Swedish test track. Hällered Proving Ground.

Hällered Proving Ground is located about 80 kilometers from Gothenburg. A test track not only for Volvo. Because completely different stories also played here. The last act in the drama about Saab, for example. First and foremost, Hällered is of course Volvo

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The Volvo Evolution. Our automotive life is changing!

Panta rhei - everything flows! Things are changing - including the automotive life of bloggers. A Volvo pulls up and refreshes the Swedish fleet at Mark. Should we tell about it? Or is this not possible at all? Admittedly, it is not

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Volvo V90 model year 21. Limited to 180 km / h.

Model year 2021. Volvo now limits to 180 km / h.

Faster, more secure. Volvo limited to 180 km / h. All models from model year 2021, the production of which is now starting, are affected. The Swedish manufacturer focuses on more safety and sustainability in road traffic. Exciting! Because what will customer acceptance be like? to buy

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Volvo XC90 production on Torslanda. Picture: Volvo Cars

Volvo starts production. Trollhättan stays in Corona mode

In week 4 the contact lock still applies in Bavaria. From Monday, the regulations will relax moderately. Car dealerships open their salesrooms, but under strict conditions. While Bavaria remains strict, the Swedes take a completely different approach. The country goes in

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This is how Volvo, Scania, NEVS react to the Corona crisis

The corona virus is also spreading rapidly in Sweden. Scania, Volvo and NEVS react to this. While the big manufacturers close their factories and send thousands of employees into the forced break, NEVS takes a completely different path. It offers Swedish citizens for the first time

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In front of the Volvo Museum. But Volvo is not an issue for the blog yet

Why Volvo is not (yet) a topic for the blog

Is a Volvo the alternative to a Saab? Probably the other Swedish brand is currently experiencing the stage of its development in which it is as much Saab as never before. There are more former Saab employees in Gothenburg than in Trollhättan, and some

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Volvo V60 Cross Country T5 Test Drive in Luleå, Sweden. Photo: Volvo cars

Is Volvo really the alternative to Saab?

A few days ago, I asked the readers, where they see an alternative to the brand Saab. And whether they drive exclusively with a Saab through everyday life, or whether their mobility is spread over several brands. The result is in parts

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Volvo and Saab, the trade fair concept in Neumünster

The slightly different exhibition concept

With the start of the season, the various fairs around the sanctuary of the Germans are starting again: the car. What supposedly became an exclusive scene of the German brands around Porsche, Daimler and BMW in recent years

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Find the error: NEVS logo at the Saab factory. I probably never get used to it.

The Volvo parking of Trollhättan

Sweden is still in vacation mode until mid-August. This is tradition and has been like that in old Saab times. Factory holidays were called that in the Stallbacka and a good opportunity to prepare the production for the next model year. The times,

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Tradition: Saab 21, Saab 92 and 9-5.

Storm clouds over Linköping

In the middle of the Swedish summer hole, thunderclouds gather over Linköping. And Justus feeds his Saab video channel with new material. He restores a classic 900, which should be finished by the fall. Has he not planned too much? In addition: Sweden flag show. We

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