This is how Volvo, Scania, NEVS react to the Corona crisis

The corona virus is also spreading rapidly in Sweden. Scania, Volvo and NEVS react to this. While the big manufacturers close their factories and send thousands of employees into the forced break, NEVS takes a completely different path. It offers Swedish citizens for the first time

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In front of the Volvo Museum. But Volvo is not an issue for the blog yet

Why Volvo is not (yet) a topic for the blog

Is a Volvo the alternative to a Saab? Probably the other Swedish brand is currently experiencing the stage of its development in which it is as much Saab as never before. There are more former Saab employees in Gothenburg than in Trollhättan, and some

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Volvo V60 Cross Country T5 Test Drive in Luleå, Sweden. Photo: Volvo cars

Is Volvo really the alternative to Saab?

A few days ago, I asked the readers, where they see an alternative to the brand Saab. And whether they drive exclusively with a Saab through everyday life, or whether their mobility is spread over several brands. The result is in parts

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Volvo and Saab, the trade fair concept in Neumünster

The slightly different exhibition concept

With the start of the season, the various fairs around the sanctuary of the Germans are starting again: the car. What supposedly became an exclusive scene of the German brands around Porsche, Daimler and BMW in recent years

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Find the error: NEVS logo at the Saab factory. I probably never get used to it.

The Volvo parking of Trollhättan

Sweden is still in vacation mode until mid-August. This is tradition and was already like that in the old Saab times. This was called the factory vacation in the Stallbacka and a good opportunity to prepare production for the next model year. The times,

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Tradition: Saab 21, Saab 92 and 9-5.

Storm clouds over Linköping

In the middle of the Swedish summer hole, thunderclouds gather over Linköping. And Justus feeds his Saab video channel with new material. He restores a classic 900, which should be finished by the fall. Has he not planned too much? In addition: Sweden flag show. We

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Trollhättan, old Saab factory April 2018.

Sango comes after the end of D1

Anyone who passed the old Saab factory in the last few days could see an unusual picture. The delivery area full of vehicles, as last in 2011. An ideal world ... what has changed in Trollhättan? The good picture is deceptive. At the latest when you are

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The second life of the others

Sometimes the look back helps if you want to look ahead. At the Techno Classica there were trends for the future. Although beyond Saab, perhaps still pointing the way for the future of the brand and its vehicles. But at least a food for thought.

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No future for Trollhättan?

Turning point in Trollhättan. For the first time since the arrival of NEVS at the old Saab factory, TTELA has expressed its negative opinion about the future of the site. For years, local journalists were on their way with optimism. And still at the turn of the year

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Short message. Dongfeng and Trollhättan fantasies.

One of the positive things in the Saab era is that Trollhättan was able to maintain its importance as an automotive location. Although there are no more vehicles running on the Göta Älv, but the city has become more international and interesting. With

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Saab 9-5 sports car in the capital

My Saab Story - Endless Saab Love

For a couple of months now, I have been reading regularly, it seems to me, one of the few women on this blog. The latest summer stories were also written by Saab's enthusiastic and in part very automotive-savvy men.

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SAAB first: Peter Diller in SAAB 96, in the colors of Swedish rally winner 1976. Behind the author's favorite: An Alfa Romeo Montreal.

Old Swedes: SAAB at the classic car parade 2017 in Völklingen (and Volvo too ...)

Metaphors around the topic steel could have been tried on this Sunday many. Can speak of the steel gray sky, which had settled over the Saarland and large parts of the Palatinate. Or of the dreams of steel, sheet metal and leather,

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Automobile cultural heritage, meaningless destroyed.

In the wrong place at the wrong time ...

The events of the G20 summit in Hamburg are still fresh in our memories. In the chaos of these days also automotive cultural property was destroyed. Destruction that makes us sad and perplexed. And to become a warning symbol against senseless violence.

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Comparison: Heck Saab 9-5 vs Audi A8 2018

Audi makes Saab and Sweden makes job wonders

It's time. Audi drives the new A8. The surprised with a tribute to the rear of the 9-5. A continuous Lightbar now adorns the big Audi. The new flagship from Ingolstadt symbolizes a new design start for the brand.

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NEVS Trollhattan

NEVS is negotiating with new investors

NEVS is negotiating to get more investors on board. This message went out into the world last Friday via P4 Väst. It did not come as a surprise; the company has huge investments in store over the next few months.

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