The medial state of the auto industry

Automobile monoculture is never good

Scandals shake the foundations of the German auto industry. First Dieselgate, now alleged antitrust violations. The horror never ends, and one of our country's key industries is at a crossroads. But it started many years ago.

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100% CO2 neutral!

Bye BioPower!

The world could be a better place. A place where CO2 could be on the road. Where we would not fill the box of Saudi potentates with every tank of gas. So they finance their medieval regime and a guaranteed democracy-distant worldview. The

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Volkswagen and the environmental scandal. Picture: Volkswagen.

The scandal

Friday afternoon ... the weekend is just around the corner. The latest news on the VW environmental scandal is on the radio. The traffic light on the construction site is red, oncoming traffic is rolling past the Saab. 7 out of 10 vehicles are SUVs. Blogger out and about in Kathmandu?

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Saab headlines we like: restart in the summer?

With the Swedish cult brand we live through ups and downs, with the depths currently clearly having the upper hand. The TTELA, local newspaper and reliable source in Trollhättan, today writes about a possible restart of production in the summer. TTELA, you make my

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Saab crisis: Chinese or VW - who gets into Saab

Is it pure speculation, out of thin air, the fixed idea of ​​the editor of a regional newspaper who - tired yesterday at 22 p.m. - published an article?

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