VW training center. But who cares VW, if you can drive a Saab?

Paul. The increase in performance and the thrill

When you switch from 9-3 II to 9-5, it's the ascent to a different vehicle class. It is September, the exit of the Saab friends Saxony has just come to an end. I had the 9-3 II with me to Saxony

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Audi gone, Saab bought. Saab makes happy.

Swap Audi for Saab. Saab makes happy.

My Saab story starts in early childhood. When I was about 4 years old I almost always played in the bathtub with a Saab 900 Coupe. Unfortunately, the toy did not survive my childhood.

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Saab 9-3 sedan. Image: Saab Automobile AB

Market check. Saab 9-3 II used car prices (up to MY 2007)

Saab cultivated the tradition of long model cycles. The 9-3 II was introduced to 2002 and significantly improved for the 2008 model year. 2011 followed the next revision. With nearly 10 years of production time, one can speak of 3 different stages of life of the Saab 9-3 II.

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Battery charging, power consumption, range in the instrument cluster.

Saab 9-3 Griffin ePower (Picture Resolution)

On Friday, we were looking for a Saab that does not actually exist. Because of this, many answers were probably very close to the truth, but not correct to 100%. That it also has a Griffin from the Saab 9-3 electric car

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Power plant. Optically as fresh from the tape.

Saab 9-5 sports combination 1999 project. Interim settlement.

We just wanted to know! Getting a Saab from the scrap is a crazy idea, even if you get the Saab for free. Or what? With our Saab 9-5 sport suit from the year 1999, the Paul project, we are all so

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... and also the leather seats have become attractive.

Image gallery: Project aab back from the dresser

Who still remembers the pictures from February? Paul, our project saab, looked really bad when we first met. I didn't really want him, and I suspect no one else would have wanted Paul in this condition either. Now

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Paul - our Saab project 2016

Saab rescue successful

To get in the mood for the new photos of our Saab rescue, a look into the past could be the perfect start. In winter, photos of our Saab 9-5 first appeared on the blog; the once so proud station wagon was in a pathetic one

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Paul is here! Our projectaab in the car wash.

Paul has landed

We will no longer be able to keep to the original schedule. Actually, we wanted to get Paul out on the road for the first time when the Saab Friends Erftkreis left. We can't do that… a shame, but at least Paul is now on the blog

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Paul, our project supporter, is approaching. The papers are already here ...

Paul is coming!

Actually, Mark and I wanted to pick up our Projektaab in Kiel. Family, work and schedules spoke against it, so Paul is on the South route by car carrier. In the coming days, the 9-5 station wagon lands at the blog headquarters. We are curious!

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