Automobile plant Trollhättan 2010. Long time ago, and maybe never again.

No good news from Trollhättan

The old Saab factory is always on my radar - even if it has been very quiet for weeks. Unfortunately there is no good news from Trollhättan. Circumstances did not change for the better in 2018 either. On the contrary, because it

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Saab 9-3 Viggen meets Porsche

Viggen on tour. Leipzig spinning mill and Porsche factory.

After returning from Sweden in June, the blue Viggen was again hidden in the garage. Since my fridge is filled by work in the cultural area, a visit to the Leipzig gallery Spinnerei Herbstrundgang offered.  

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NEVS, the eternal startup.

The eternal startup and the German enemy

It was a deep winter. The Saab bankruptcy was still fresh. Mark and I met in the nightly Trollhättan with a well-known personality. Their name does not matter, we talked about the ongoing sales negotiations.

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New-Long-Ma Mini bus, NEVS electric car. Picture: NEVS

Losses, liquidity worries, hardly any perspective.

Almost exactly a year ago, Mark and I visited the old Saab factory. They were very friendly to us, and we met impressive people with Saab's past. Still, by the end of the day, the mood was dim.

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Hopeful look

Saab friends from Germany are traveling in Sweden. From Trollhättan send us this photo. A hopeful look at the Saab plant, even though the sky is gray and full of clouds. And there is really a little good news!

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SAAB comeback. Photo Impressions Saab factory.

The last few days had it for the fans of the small Swedish brand in itself. The first 9-3 under NEVS direction rolled off the line, and with Saab it finally goes up. For our readers there are some at the end of this week

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SAAB Festival. The Tour.

For some questions in life one looks for answers for a long time. Other things answer by themselves. For example the question about the Saab Spirit. In Germany, he is very lively and enjoys good health. The proof of this was provided last Thursday by the fans of the Swedish cult brand in Kiel.

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Saab plant in Malmo 1989

Time document. New Saab plant in Malmö!

It was in 1989 when the first Saab 900 left the new plant in Malmö. The new Saab manufacturing facility was the Swedish government's response to the shipyard crisis that shook the country's west coast. A car factory was built on a former shipyard

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SAAB TV: A movie and its message

In Trollhättan, the newspaper was today full on Saab. One year after the bankruptcy, the wounds have not nearly healed. Jan Ake Jonsson spoke up and former Saab employees who have now come to Volvo. Jonsson expresses

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SAAB News: The griffin is gone!

In Trollhättan yesterday the big Saab Phylone was dismantled at the factory parking lot and rebuilt today without the magical Saab Griffin. This is reported by friends from Trollhättan, and the local TTELA provides a picture and a short article about it. In moments like these

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