Pininfarina design for Evergande and NEVS. Photo Credit: Pininfarina

Evergrande expansion with Pininfarina design

Although it seems superficially quiet, the expansion of Evergrande is going strong. Strange is only that the European media hardly took notice of it so far. What may be that it will take some time, until the first one

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NIO ES8. Picture: GAC

Electromobility. The future is in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou, the metropolis on the Pearl River Delta with 14 million inhabitants, is also referred to as the factory of the world! A name to remember - because it will play a big role in the future of mobility. NEVS main shareholder

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Tesla Roadster 2020. Picture: Tesla

Electric supercar from Trollhättan?

January was a year in itself. There were more interesting news in a few days than in the last years together from the old Saab factory in Trollhättan. It's like tearing open windows, letting spring air in and the

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