The current SaabBlog subscriptions

Starter Subscription

The starter package is new. For everyone who would like to get to know us, but who only wants to read about it first. For 7 days we unlock the current content of the last few weeks. With 1,99 € you can take a look, browse, read and then decide.

The starter offer, which we have had online as a test for a few weeks, has been well received. Most of the time, a larger subscription is booked afterwards, which makes us happy.

Linear Subscription

The traditional entry. For €8,99 you can read the blog with all editorial content for 30 days.

Vector subscription

If it should be something more. The Vector subscription offers 90 days access to all editorial content. It costs €25,00 unchanged

Griffin Subscription

Half a year with the blog. 180 days, €36,00. The Griffin subscription also remains unchanged and offers access to all editorial content.

Aero Subscription

Read the blog for 360 days and €60. The cheapest offer, only €0,15 a day for lots of reading material! However, the Aero offering is not the most popular.

Aero X Club Subscription

360 days and €95,00. In addition to full access to all content, our most booked offer also offers the Aero X Club Store, the Saab High Mileage Club and the COC archive. The full package, with monthly new Saab-related promotions that are exclusively available to members.

Blog Coupons

The discount vouchers are unchanged. 10% on each subsequent subscription, excluding the starter offer. The voucher comes by mail a few days before the subscription expires.

No obligation

Our philosophy has also remained unchanged: no one should enter into a long-term commitment by taking out a subscription. There is no "subscription trap", no renewal that takes place automatically. If a subscription expires as planned, it must then be actively renewed. This is how we remain fair and transparent.