Aero X Club

For our Aero X Club there is the promised plus of Saab passion. A little more of everything for those who can never get enough of the small Swedish brand. We shape our world a little more Saabian, which it can certainly take. Access to the Aero X Club is only granted to members with the appropriate license Subscriptions.

Our Aero X Club Shop

Saab Aero X Club Mug 2022
Saab Aero X Club Mug 2022

Everything is Saab and Sweden! The exclusive Aero X Club Store The offer changes again and again, is being expanded and awaits readers with new surprises. Most products are made just for us in limited editions. They are not available anywhere else.

When choosing our suppliers, we attach great importance to regionality and climate-neutral production. Wherever possible, we prefer manufacturers from Germany and the EU who meet our sustainability criteria.

We feel obliged to the tradition of a great brand and choose our products and designs accordingly. According to the Saab slogan - Anything but ordinary -

In addition, the following is online exclusively for the Aero X Club:

Saab COC archive

Saab High Mileage Club

Saab license plate holder